COMBI Servicing and Commercial Ltd.

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The COMBI Servicing and Commercial Ltd was founded by Hungarian citizens in 1990, in Budapest. Its predecessor was the Toxicology - Technology Parasite Immunisation Economic Co-operative which dealt with parasite immunisation for ten years.

Our position in business

The COMBI Ltd. Has extended its insect and rodent extermination on the whole country in Hungary. The successful professional work is due to our experts who gained experience on the field of parasite extermination and public health protection. We can state positively that our limited can cope with the competitors who offer parasite extermination. We do not only accomplish immunisation but we also offer advice on our trade to our clients.

The circle of those who employ our services

We provide full services for food manufacturer and food seller object and also for hotels and those object where there is a danger of establishment and swarming of parasites which are unwanted for sanitary reasons. Further more we provide service for those objects, which are unsafe of their location, and where is an increased danger of migration and swarming of rodents.


COMBI Servicing and Commercial Ltd., Budapest
Telephone: +36-23-382-121
Telephone: +36-20-945-9090